At LCD Guarantee we had a problem.

Whenever we sold a replacement LCD screen to a repair shop, there was always the chance that we'd lose our customer, and they would lose theirs, due to the screen arriving cracked after experiencing the "tender care" of the postal carriers (As you probably know, FRAGILE stickers mean nothing). Shipping insurance is one thing, but it doesn't solve the problem of an angry customer who now has to wait another week to have their device fixed (if they even decide to wait at all).

So we set out to develop a packaging that would minimize the risk of a screen being damaged in transit. After months of hard work we finally created our unique packaging system that would ensure virtually every screen arrives On time, Well packed, and Intact. With us you no longer have to worry about those "dead on arrival" screens, just place your order and relax knowing that's one issue you won't have to worry about again.